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 Real Estate agents  , Real Estate consultants  , Lawyers  ,   Financial Advisers  ,  Engineers  ,   Topographers  ,   Architects,Constructional Supervisors,Property Maintenance Team  .

 All necessary professions when selling or buying in Greece.The best after sales services!


We will visit the property , for a free of charge valuation. We will give you an estimation based on our experience on the local Market and discuss the time range of you sale.

Your property is advertised for free in our own website (photos and video)but also in various websites –with strong search engines -that we cooperate with  as a Company. The choice depends on the property and the Buyer type the property needs. For your own convenience we arrange appointments for visits to your property with clients at least with one days’ Notice.The promotion of your property and area it is at,could include a visual with a Professional Drone view “Birds eye” with a small cost.

When the buyer is found we guide you through all of the Selling procedure…..

  • Gathering all Documents required   for the sale.
  • Dealing with all the parties involved  .The Notary, the Engineers, the Solicitors, the bank -if required,the Registry Department.
  • Issuing documents required for the sale (Municipality certificates, tax papers,  water and electricity documents,etc.)

Our Legal Department can offer all kind of support through your sale incurring your interest and our Engineers can issue new topo graphs and any kind of Certificate if required.


We emphasize on meeting the potential tenant,discussing his professional status,his personal status,we search the background  as mush as possible for to ensure a good Agreement for you.

When the right tenant– is found for your property we guide you through signing the Lease Contract ( EXAMPLE:as for it to be valid in the Tax office it needs to be in Greek).

We will inform you and help you on points that need attention so your property is in good hands and your income is safe.


The properties we have in our folders are all with full files and documents. Before handling a property for sale we make an extend search ,so the information we give to our clients-buyers is correct and valid.

Getting a good price and an investment that suits your needs is our specialization. Support , advice and services  until the real estate transaction is complete. That could be a ready built house, an old village house that needs renovation, a plot of land (for your new home) or a business.

But our services do not stop there… Even if you are back at home it is guaranteed, that you will feel as if you have left a person you trust to deal with all details concerning your new investment. We will be your eyes and ears !

We will issue your tax papers,open your bank account,close deals for you,gather information from local banks if a mortgage is required, deal with the team that is in charge of constructing if that is your case and make sure that all is improving as planed and agreed .


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